Be an Architect

February 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

We would much rather you be an architect,
building a tiled roof over our heads,
with solar panels.
That is creation. That is making
something out of a useless plot of land,
because the vegetables never grew there,
the fruit trees never rose tall enough—
just weeds and wildflowers.

A building permit would validate
your accomplishment. This structure
is real; this structure is three storeys tall.
This structure affects the direction of the wind
as it blows across the empty plains.

They will thank you for the lush party
on the deck, overlooking the industrial valley.

So if you really have to be one of those creative types,
be an architect—
a title, a career, maybe even a car,
and when you die,
your dust
collecting in the corners
of your houses
better by far
than useless words on a page—
just weeds and wildflowers.


§ One Response to Be an Architect

  • ah, the weeds and wildflowers, especially when they are overgrown and a bit gummy and the ground smells a bit acrid … ‘come in from the garden, dear, you’ll get all dirty; it’s dinner soon’ …

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